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UA 1176AE Stero Pair

Here's a Universal Audio 2-1176 Dual-Channel Compressor that's in great shape.  The 2-1176 is a true workhorse, providing that classic 1176 compressor sound in pro recording studios throughout the world.

Universal Audio

The 2-1176 features two channels of the Class A circuitry, custom designed output transformers, and FET-type gain reduction from the original 1176LN — all stereo matched for improved stereo imaging. The unique sound and stereo capabilities of the 2-1176 have beckoned a wide range of artists and engineers — from Norah Jones with Jay Newland to Helmet with Charlie Clouser — to call on its services while recording their albums. With switchable options of "Link" mode for stereo compression, or "Dual" mono mode, the 2-1176 offers twice the character and twice the features of the original in one unit. Includes the classic "All" buttons mode.

Finally, a true stereo 1176! With over 2000 units already sold to date since the year 2000 re-birth of Universal Audio's 1176LN, it is clear the public's love affair with the legendary sound of the 1176 is still as passionate as ever.

UA 1176AE Stereo Pair

This UA 2-1176 has been gently taken care of in a smoke-free, kid-free, private studio. It has a few minor blemishes from being racked - a few fine scratches on the top and minor screw head marks on two of the screw holes.  It'll make an excellent addition to any studio - especially yours!

UA 1176AE Stereo Pair

UA 1176AE Stereo Pair

As seen in the photos, the VU meters are well-calibrated, the power and VU lights work great, and the face plate is near perfect.  (The actual color of the power light is purple. Also, please note the other equipment shown in the photos are not included!)

UA 1176AE Stereo Pair


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