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Gretsch G6118T-LTV 125th Anniversary

Now, here is an item that rarely comes up for sale - on eBay or anywhere else.  Few RCA 77As were manufactured, fewer survive to this day, and an extremely few remain in as excellent shape as this one. If you check the Vintage Broadcast Microphones collector's site, Market Watch web page, you'll see that the most recent sale of an RCA 77A was for $6,500.  We don't know the condition of that 77A, but it certainly couldn't have been in much better shape than this one!

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Introduced by RCA in 1932, the RCA 77A is the grand-daddy of the ribbon microphone and one of the rarest of the RCA ribbon microphones.  Designed by Dr. Harry F. Olson, RCA's lifelong resident audio genius during the late 20s and early 30s, the 77-A set the performance benchmarks for all RCA ribbons to follow for the next four decades.

Since the day it left the RCA factory, some 70 odd years ago, this 77A has been meticulously, well taken care of.  And, we have continued the tradition.  Before taking delivery, we had it inspected by Clarence Kane, of ENAK Microphone Repair.  For those of you unfamiliar with Clarence, he is a former RCA microphone technician and one the most respected RCA ribbon mic repairmen in the world.  Clarence commented to us that this was the nicest RCA 77A microphone he has seen in many, many years.  He stated that both the exterior and internal components are in excellent shape and noted that, at some time in the recent past, the XLR cable had been professionally replaced.

Since we received this 77A, it has been kept covered and in our mic safe, located in an environmentally-controlled room.  We just tested it and found it to sound great, with plenty of output (at least for a 70+ year-old ribbon mic!).  Make no mistake, the 77A is a large microphone.  On the included base, it stands nearly 15" tall and weighs 12 lb.

This is an outstanding opportunity for a collector and/or investor to obtain a very rare, functioning, museum-grade RCA 77A microphone - the very one featured in Stanley Coutant's recreated 1936 RCA Type 77-A Instruction Manual.  Vintage microphones - especially RCA ribbon microphones - have proven to be extremely good investments.  And, these days, good investments are hard to come by.  We are very reluctant to sell our 77A, but we need to get back into a studio!

Larger, more detailed pictures on Pages 2 & 3

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